“Some people are spontaneous, their plans change often. They try something new at a moment’s notice. I like free-spirited people. Spontaneity is a highly held virtue when it comes to romance and marriage. It can help keep your relationship fresh and alive. Healthy habits and rituals, though, are the foundation of a good missionary marriage.

In this series of blogs on missionary marriage, I will suggest some habits to develop. These are key tools to establish a strong marriage in the mission field. Good habits have helped my husband and I significantly increase the pleasure and joy in our marriage. They’ve kept us on track when the pressures of an intense field ministry threaten our relationship.


John Maxwell, Christian author, and leadership trainer says this about habits. “If your habits don’t line up with your dream, you need to either change your habits or change your dream.

What is the dream God has given you for your marriage? Do you long for your relationship to be a model of Christ’s love for the church? Something that the people you disciple and reach out to can see, and be drawn to the Lord? Do you desire a marriage that is a source of life and strength for you in the midst of battles and difficulties?

If your dream and reality aren’t quite matching up, there is hope. Healthy habits and rituals can help you move from your present reality to where God wants you to live.


My husband and I have always valued our marriage. On our wedding day, as we stood before friends and family and declared our deep desire to honor the Lord in our relationship. We promised in the sight of God to love each other well.” Read More

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