Bible Poverty


Languages with a complete Bible.


Languages with the New Testament.


Languages where Bible translation has begun.


Languages left with no Scripture.

7,362 known languages in the world today.



“It is impossible to estimate full influence of the reading of the Word in a home day after day and year after year. It filters into the hearts of the young. It is absorbed into their souls. It colors all their thoughts. It is wrought into the very fiber of their minds. It imbues them with its own spirit. It’s holy teachings become the principles of their lives, which rule their conduct and shape all their actions.”
― J.R. Miller


Top Ten Countries With the Largest Number of Bibleless Languages Amongst the Unengaged in the 10/40

  1. Indonesia 44
  2. China 34
  3. Chad 28
  4. Laos 28
  5. Sudan 27
  6. Bhutan 13
  7. Nepal 9
  8. Pakistan 9
  9. Vietnam 9
  10. India 8 (Nigeria 8)

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